Campaign Priorities

Keep Our Community Safe

A safe and well maintained community attracts families, protects businesses, and enhances our overall quality of life. We must continue to recruit and retain the best police, fire and public works personnel to deliver the high service level that our residents and businesses have come to expect.

Manage City Finances for the Future

Delivering police, fire and public works services costs money, and we must ensure that the city has enough money to pay these costs, debt and pension liabilities. Measure HH, the 1% sales tax increase, will provide extra sales tax money for the next 20 years, so over that period one focus will be to increase city revenues and be conservative with expenses, so that the city can balance the budget without HH after the sunset date in 2037. As a CPA with a strong financial background, I will be able to help guide the council in financial decisions as we move into the future.

Attract and Retain Businesses

Businesses bring jobs and prosperity to our residents. Also, sales tax accounts for a large part of the city’s revenues, so we must be business-friendly to keep this revenue stream. Several business centers are going through some modernization activities, and the city should support this modernization as possible.

Section 2.90.020 of the Fountain Valley municipal code sets limits on the amount that a person or business can donate to a candidate for City Council. Each person or business may donate up to $500 per candidate per election. We appreciate your support and please feel free to email us with any questions, thanks!