Endorsements 2018-09-14T21:17:54-07:00


Jim Cuneen, President, Fountain Valley School District Board of Trustees

Herman Ajamian, Chair, Fountain Valley Planning Commission

Bill Cameron, Vice Chair, Fountain Valley Planning Commission

Susan Saurastri, Realtor, Star Real Estate

Wallace Rodecker, President, Green Valley Homeowners Association

Steve Nagel, Fountain Valley City Council / Mayor Pro Tem

Larry Crandall, Fountain Valley City Council

Orange County Republican Party

Fountain Valley Firefighters Association

Fountain Valley Police Officers Association

Michelle Steel, Orange County Board of Supervisors

Matthew Harper, California State Assembly 74th District

John Etheridge, Owner Seashore Pest Control

Ben Nielsen, Fountain Valley City Council and Mayor, 1978-1986

Section 2.90.020 of the Fountain Valley municipal code sets limits on the amount that a person or business can donate to a candidate for City Council. Each person or business may donate up to $500 per candidate per election. We appreciate your support and please feel free to email us with any questions, thanks!