Why Patrick Is Running

Family / Community

In 2009 when Patrick’s children were toddlers, he searched around the United States for the place where he would set down roots and raise his family. Although he had lived in the LA/Orange County area, he visited 23 states to determine what would be best for the family. At the end of it, Fountain Valley was the choice. The public schools have a great reputation, and after eight years the family’s experience with the schools has been outstanding. Patrick wants to keep Fountain Valley a nice community to live for families of all generations.

Civic Duty

In order for local government to be successful, good people have to step up to serve. Patrick’s father and uncle served in the military, and this has instilled in Patrick a strong sense of civic duty. Continuing another term on the City Council is one way for Patrick to give back to the community through public service.


Since making the decision to reside and set up an accounting business in Fountain Valley, Patrick became active in the Chamber of Commerce and in 2014 was appointed to the Planning Commission. Through the experience on the Planning Commission, Patrick gained a deeper knowledge of how the city functions, and has been a valuable contributor on the Commission.

Patrick was elected to the Fountain Valley City Council in 2018 and is currently serving as the Mayor of Fountain Valley. Patrick’s current experience will help continue the success of the city.


The past 4 years have brought some challenging times in Fountain Valley, and Patrick has helped the City navigate those situations sucessfully. Patrick has been a champion for the police and fire department, watched the city budget, and provided great leadership through COVID. The sucesses and his experience will help navigate the future of Fountain Valley and any challenges that may come his way.

Section 2.90.020 of the Fountain Valley municipal code sets limits on the amount that a person or business can donate to a candidate for City Council. Each person or business may donate up to $500 per candidate per election. We appreciate your support and please feel free to email us with any questions, thanks!